Making Retirement a Reality

The Challenge

Our client, a 3rd generation metal fabrication shop, has had a succession of dramatic net loss years for a company which should be very solid. Those losses pre-date the economic downturn. Our initial assessment indicated a severe cash drain which, if not addressed quickly, would be difficult to sustain operations. Our client s goal to develop an exit strategy for the eventual sale of the business would not be possible until the company is placed on a sound and consistent financial footing.

Our Solution

Develop the framework and assist our client in the preparation of a 1-3 year strategic plan and define the company goals, objectives and requirements. Development of a financial approach that provides key productivity and financial benchmarks that will allow our client and shareholders to quantify accountability. Engineer the business for maximum shareholder value, including streamlining operations and retooling the overall pricing structure.


Client achieved profitability for the first time in eight years. Shop overtime is completely under control – annual cost savings $120,000 – and succession planning is in place.