Controlled Growth

The Challenge

Our clients had experienced 128% growth over a three year period. While growth opportunities existed from increasing appeal of green business practices, the growth occurred without the necessary financial controls in place, making cash flow unpredictable and not affording ownership a reasonable return on investment. As the company’s revenues grew, so too had the costs of inefficiencies and random decision making.

Our Solution

The challenge was addressed through a strategic process of managing and executing financial planning, purchasing, selling, and inventory management processes and practices to make “low-level” decisions that will drive efficiency and improve productivity across the company.


Our clients incorporated Brighton Windsor Group’s recommendations and are now able to monitor budget adherence through a variance process that automatically flags budget line-items that are out of tolerance and “over” budget on a monthly and quarterly basis. Knowing how far off forecasted budget they are is critical to reaching their profit goals. Tracking this variance has allowed our client to make critical purchasing and selling decisions that brought them back into line with profit objectives.

Our business strategy consultant’s revised listing selectivity strategy and revised profiles saved our clients an immediate $60,000 in listing fees.

Our client continues to flourish with increased revenues, overhead controls, and enhanced profitability.