Partner Solutions

Today’s complex business landscape requires specialized expertise – often from multiple sources. Brighton Windsor Group works with select partners to expand our capabilities. Together with these experts in healthcare, 401k compliance, asset-based lending, and social media, we are able to leverage additional competitive advantages for our clients. Our partners are independent firms that share the same philosophy that we do – best in class service to each client we engage.
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We have worked with Forest Financial Group to create a program that can help our clients reduce their healthcare costs and mitigate their risk of penalties for not being in compliance with Obamacare. This partnership program helps business owners navigate through the 2400 page Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, and chart out the best course of action. FFG’s in-depth healthcare knowledge and comprehensive healthcare modeling tool can tell you if your organization’s current coverage is considered affordable or if it provides minimum value, and the amount of potential penalties that may be triggered. This powerful information can help those business owners ensure they are getting the same strategic advantage large companies get.
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We have worked with LCM to offer our clients an independent free 401k fee analysis using their proprietary Forensic Cost Analysis©. LCM uses extremely innovative and proven methods to help companies lower 401k plan fees, better 401k participation and making sure the company is maximizing the benefits available to them. LCM’s analysis will arm you with the information necessary to make sure you are in compliance and not overpaying fees. LCM’s average client sees a 30% reduction in plan level fees, have a documented fiduciary process, and vendor provided written fee disclosures which creates a fully transparent plan.
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One of the most trusted in the world, Perfection Global has been buying and selling used industrial equipment and machinery since 1963. Capabilities include asset based lending solutions ($200k-$4 million), industrial equipment acquisition, industrial equipment disposition, complete plant re-engineering, and full company auctions &liquidations. Services all types of industries including manufacturing, aerospace, oil & gas, and construction.