Jan 27

401(k) Fees – Do You Know How Much You are Paying?

Do you know how costs are affecting your 401(k) performance? You may be in for a surprise!

According to a study produced by AARP in 2011, “When respondents were told that financial service companies that manage 401(k) charge fees for administering and managing those plans, and that the fees are paid by the employer and/or the employees that participate in the plan, about three in five (62%) reported that they did not know how much they were paying in fees and expenses for their 401(k) plan.”
Source: http://assets.aarp.org/rgcenter/econ/401k-fees-awareness-11.pdf

As important as cost reduction solutions are, 401(k) administrative fees are another piece of the cost reduction strategy pie. Our 3rd party preferred vendor, LCM Capital, offers a Free Forensic Cost Analysis©, comparison and plan review. Do not wait; contact John Nowicki at jnowicki@lcmcapital.com to receive your free review today.

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